Tips & Tricks (FAQ)

How to get the most out of your CySight software.
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  • Network Segmentation
    Learn how to mark different segments of your network that are used for the same purpose, or in the same context.

    Use in Real-Time Performance and Security Zero Trust to quickly identify business risk caused by bottlenecks or downtime or inappropriate traffic.

    Use in Long-Term Billing to identify logical billing elements.

    NOTE: Only those elements that are tagged in Network Segmentation are aggregated to the long-term views.
  • Collection Tuning
    Learn how to change the frequency and aggregation of NetFlow data for real-time or long-term.

    NOTE: Network Segmentation will change default aggregation rules.
  • Templates
    CySight has many default templates that can be customized or you can create new templates to speed up access to your data.
  • Reports and Alerts
    Learn how to Schedule a Report or Alert
  • FlowAnalytics
    Unique Flow Analytics