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Installation Note: CySight for Windows

Posted: Thu Aug 14, 2008 5:47 am
by digitoll
This will ensure a clean installation.

Please note, when installing the software please ensure that you wait until the final installation prompt.

This may take a few minutes and various DOS prompts will open along the way and 3rd party software will be automatically configured.

If you have any issues uninstall Apache Tomcat, MySQL and CySight Standard manually and reinstall.

Ensure that your NetFlow is sending on port 2055 for now. You can change it later but it will make it easier for a quick and simple installation.

If you encounter any error message indicating "no data for this granularity" upon entering first time. This is due to the CySight Collector either not being able to receive a Flow export or template record. Wait a minute and refresh and the error should be replaced by the interactive Graph.


Confirm the download is not corrupted. The installer as well as its md5 are available to ensure the download is clean.

Remove all old versions of Java, Mysql, Apache Tomcat and CySight.

CySight will install the required version of Java, MySQL and Tomcat.

If after installing the front-end and logs report unable to connect to database it is likely another application that uses/used a mysql database has been installed or did not clean up MySQL on removal. Uninstall mysql and CySight and then reinstall CySight. CySight will install the required version of MySQL and set up the permissions and data warehouse.

Confirm the disk space is sufficient. If the space is too small it can impact on installation and data archiving.

Confirm that there is no antivirus or firewall software preventing the installation or stopping information being written to the registry or preventing the enabling of various ports that are used by the system locally.

Confirm the number of processor is sufficient. Use at least 2 cores but consider the type of environment and number of flows and devices.

Confirm the available RAM is sufficient. CySight requires at least 4GB but consider the type of environment and number of flows and devices.