Comprehensive user manual for CySight Standard and Enterprise Editions.

Config: LDAP Authentication

CySight supports authentication in conjunction with an LDAP server.

The user group (role) and authorization are independent of the LDAP server, and are managed within CySight.

"Operation" and "Customer" users are authorized with the traffic relative to Devices(Router/Switch) and/or Interfaces and/or IP ranges.

To authenticate a user using an LDAP server the CySight administrator must configure using the CySight LDAP configuration panel.

1) Using the add option supply the following:

  • ldap server domain name
  • user pattern
  • protocol ldap or ldaps and corresponding port
  • trust store of ldap server public key if ldaps - security ldap

2) Add a user with the option to authenticate using the ldap server. You need to add authorization for each user in CySight.

When logging in the User needs to choose the ldap server authentication option.