Comprehensive user manual for CySight Standard and Enterprise Editions.

Config: Time Zone

CySight collector can process multiple netflow streams from different routers/switches, which may be located in different time zones.

The CySight collector uses its own system clock to time stamp the flow data. Each distributed CySight collector's system clock must be aligned to the same time as the CySight Hierarchical server when multi-collectors are deployed.

The local servers time zone can be configured using the left menu "Configuration > Administrator > Site Configuration".

Every screen including the "Overview", "Visualization", "Multiview" and "Forensics" has a "Time Zone" option in the Filter Tab, which can be configured to allow the flows to be viewed from a local or original different time zone perspective.




The users default time zone will be used by default. The user default time zone can be changed at the left menu "My Analytics > Default Options".

The Forensics and Multiview scheduled reports also allow time zone to be configured which allows a report to be generated from a different time zone perspective to the server.