Comprehensive user manual for CySight Standard and Enterprise Editions.

Top X per Y - Unique Cross Sectional analysis

Top X/Y Reports allow for a unique cross-sectional reporting analysis.

Top X/Y is very flexible and open to your imagination allowing unprecedented visibility of your network traffic. It can be used to provide simple 'birds-eye' view analytics such as "Show the Top 5 applications and Conversations for each ASN Peer" or more granular identification such as "Show the Top 100 Threat (IPs, Categories, Type) and for each Affected IP".

A simple example of a cross-sectional analysis is an analysis of the Top 10 Applications (X) for each hour (Y) over a Day. In this example (see figure1) below each Application is assigned a distinct color so that it can easily be identified within each hour

  • The X/Y analytics that are available as Multiview Reports can be identified by the "/" in the Report title.
  • The graphic display of a Top X/Y is always a Stacked Bar Chart.
  • The colors of the elements of the Stacked bar chart are the "X" items in the report.
  • The "X" and "Y" cross-section can be made up of more than 1 field but there are always only two logical "X" and "Y" cross-sections
      e.g. X(1,2) / Y(3,4,5,6)
  • The "X" elements are the granular details of each "Y" items in a report.
      Y ColumnX ColumnValue

The default X/Y reports or your own unique cross-sectional analytics can be accessed via the left menus or the right click menu. Where the right-click menu is used the meter measurement will follow the current meter sort order.

The Filter allows the creation of a Top X/Y for any two or more fields.

The Forensic screens Filter tab (below the graph) also provides access to the Top N control element enabling on the fly changes to Top N detail.

Where more than 1 field is available the Top N control element provides the ability to change the cross-section.

The Count algorithm is supported in Top X/Y where the X fields has 1 uncounted field.

A number of default X/Y analytic templates are available in the Multiview and in the Forensic left menus. Some examples are shown below:

    Flow Direction
      Top X per Y
      • Interface Routes
      • Routes and ToS
      • Account
      • Flow Detail
    Business Group
        Top X per Y
        • IPv4

        • Application
        Top X per Y
        • IPv4
        • Application
        Top X per Y
        • Dst. / Src.
        • Src. / Dst.
    Boundary Flow
      Top X per Y
      • Application
      • Lower Port
      • Unknown Service
      • ToS Precedence
      • PHB Class
    IPv4 Address
      Top X per Y
      • Dst. / Src.
      • Src. / Dst.
      • IPv4 / Hour
      • IPv4 / Minute
      Top X per Y
      • IPv4/ICMP Type
      • IPv4/ICMP Code
      • IPv4 / App.
      • Talkers / App.
      • App. / Hour
      • App. / Minute
      Top X per Y
      • Application / ToS
      • Application / DSCP
      • Application / PHB
      • Lower Port / ToS
      • Interface / ToS
      • PHB Class / Day
      • PHB Class / Hour

      Next Hop
      • Hop / Device
      • Device / Hop
    IPv4 Address
      Top X per Y
      • Dst. / Src.
      • Src. / Dst.
      • Talkers / Hour
      • Talkers / Minute
    Security Forensics
      Packet Size
        Top X per Y
        • Pkt. Size/App.
        • App./Pkt. Size