Diagnostics: 5. SNMP Traps and Email Notifications

Comprehensive user manual for CySight Standard and Enterprise Editions.

Diagnostics: 5. SNMP Traps and Email Notifications

SNMP Traps and Email Notifications

The Alert Diagnostics can trigger a trap when a ticket first occurs.

By default the alert is configured to use the SNMP trap server


  • If your SNMP trap settings are correct a trap will send a ticket with its VALUE contents to the SNMP ID's described in the table below.
  • If your EMAIL settings are correct an EMAIL will be sent with a subject similar to:

    Subject: CySight Alert: Ticket (0429-223) AlertID (5213) - IPv4 Baseline Template ( GigEth 1/1) - 2015-04-29 14:26-2015-04-29 14:40

    The body of the email will contain the ticket FIELD details and the tickets content VALUEs as described in the below table.
SNMP IDFieldValue ID5213 TitleIPv4 Baseline Template ( Unknown) TypeBaseline Alert TypeIPv4 Generic TypeDevice ID0429-223 URLhttps:// ... t=0429-223 14:26-2015-04-29 14:40 minutes Hosts to Multiple Servers (Upload) Port (80) http-www / tcp[ 75.85% ] MB:505.600 m.bps: 4.494 (46 dst IPs) src IP 755 Pathdst Itf ( dst AS (12345) (0.12345) IDNIC-IDEADATA-ID-NET-GLOB cysight (Global) CySight Co. Ltd.
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