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With our unique tiny footprint, massive data lake repository, and correlation of application intelligence, the following CySight examples demonstrate how our customers can achieve true insight to reduce impacts and risks in real-time or with historical trackback.

If you are fast on the uptake and want an instant Light Bulb :idea: moment, then check out the 20-second "CySight Ransomware & Exfiltration Detection Algorithm" below. This is one of the many algorithms that we use intelligently in the background to detect and quantify your risks and impact.

Consumes: Netflow, IPFIX, Cloud Logs such as AWS, Extended Application metadata

Used by: NOC & SOC, Risk Managers, Network Monitoring and Architects, Security Professionals, the Finance team, Cloud Managers, IoT, and 5G Specialists and other Network and Security related teams.

CySight Predictive AI Multi-Dimensional Baselines and Threat Intelligence Correlation

Threat Map (Real-time & Replay)

Threat Hunters, Watch the below 20-sec video to see how easy it is for CySight to Analyze Threats such as Ransomware, Trojans, and Encrypted Networks with full forensic trackback. Extend and Create new alerts Alerting, Predictive AI Baselining and Mitigation algorithms.

CySight DDoS and Outlier Detection

Machine Learning-based Anomaly Detection and Automated AI Diagnostics consists of a comprehensive Intrusion Detection System (IDS) comprised of machine learning, detection and artificial intelligence diagnostic engines that work together to find network behavior anomalies with automated problem-solving processes to pinpoint, mitigate and qualify the reason(s) for an anomaly.

Continually Learning, detecting, weighing, alerting, diagnosing, mitigating, with multi-metric fingerprinting.

Used by: NOC & SOC

CySight Ransomware & Exfiltration Detection Algorithm
20-second crash Forensics course

Video in Brief
Clicking on High-Risk Threat shows the Threat Hits by Threat Level and let's analyze the top Ransomware Threat Type. A simple right-click to select Affected IP and view it on the timeline. :) This would have been missed by other tools. A quick change to Filters to isolate & analyze any other threats correlated for this Affected IP and .......TA..DA .. it reveals a ToR tunnel exfiltration point. Sends to CySight local or downstream mitigation systems, or manually controlled in line with your organizational policies.

Used by: SOC

CySight Visual Analytics

A picture tells a 1000 words!

Used by: NOC & SOC

Sankey Analytics - Flow relationship and impact analysis

A sankey diagram is a visualization used to depict a flow relationship between one set of values to another. CySight makes full use of Sankey to provide relationship and impact analysis.

Overview Drilldown

Gain a "birds-eye view" of each Device, Device Group, Interface, Interface Group, Threat Intelligence, Utilization, and traffic profiles and quickly identify issues and analyze them in multi-perspectives. CySight's automated Predictive AI Baselining will learn and detect all real anomalous behavior in real-time with intelligent alerting.

Used by: NOC & SOC

Cross-section Analysis

Analyzing the cross-section of network traffic allows for the quantification of the impact of one dimension against another. A simple example would be in the identification of sources to destinations that are known to be conversing with threat actors allowing the data to be quickly identified physically and diagnostically with AI techniques.

Used by: NOC & SOC

Interface Bidirectional Baselines

Gain quick Forensics and profile and compare baselines for all Interfaces.
Used for Machine Learning and Automated Utilization detection, response, and mitigation with Triggered Reporting and Anomaly Detection.

Used by: NOC & SOC

Packet Size Distribution

Abnormal packets and packet behavior is a hidden issue that occurs below the surface. CySight's ability to retain communication transactions as big data in a small footprint enables new vision algorithms which detect going forward with the benefit of hindsight.

Used by: NOC & SOC

Port Protocol baselines

Analyzing server and ephemeral ports allows for more fine-grained detection and qualification of issues. CySight's granularity benefit can again be seen in the power of detection allowing detection of issues that impact both the Network and the Security of the Network.

Used by: NOC & SOC

Bidirectional Account:IPAM

ISPs, Managed Service providers, and Corporations make use of CySights integrated IPAM engine. This report reflects the bidirectional breakdown of traffic for each customer, business unit, or shared resources.


Application by Account Managed Service Report

Reports can be for one specific Business Group or multiple depending on the requirement. This example shows the use of each Account broken down by the applications they have used. This view could be placed in conjunction with other views to quickly build and deliver a customer-specific report and email automatically to the customer email groups.


Top Talkers per minute

Chattiness between network nodes highlights many kinds of issues that can be inferred from the behavior of the communication. CySight's predictive AI algorithms detect and qualify the kinds of usage and the pattern of usage uncovering risk and reducing mean time to detect and protect.

Conversations can be analyzed for any part of the network or its end-point connections. Each view can be mixed with other filters enabling exponentially deeper analysis, predictive AI baselines, and automated detection.

See who is talking to what where when and with how much. Measure all aspects of communications from the basic bps, octets, packets, and conversations to TCP flags, congestions flags, latency drops, TTL, and more. Being able to see and learn from data beyond the top to discover high-risk behaviors such as hacking, ransomware, exfiltration, DDoS, SlowDoS, Congestion, DNS, and much much more smartly and accurately. You will wonder why you ever trusted a surface flow analyzer.

Used by: NOC & SOC

TopN Applications per hour

Quickly analyze the application use across all the flow exporters. Find unknown applications and map them by teaching CySights Application Mapping.

Used by: NOC & SOC