CySight Quickstart

CySight Quickstart

It doesn’t take much to realize just how critical access to actionable communications intelligence for absolute network traffic visibility has become to maintain network health and cybersecurity.

Network and Security teams suffer from a lack of critical visibility of all aspects of the physical network and cloud network usage and also need to deal with growing compliance, service level management, the rising level of sophistication of cyber-crime, growing virtualization of servers and related resource costs.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people around the world are switching to remote work. While quarantined, they turn to the Internet to provide themselves with necessary information, entertainment and food supplies and many corporate remote access points and network infrastructure, ISP and MSP networks, health, government and entertainment e-services, as well as online stores and online education, are unable to withstand the influx of users these days. Even after isolation, remote processes are expected to continue for a long time, as limited travel is expected.

The pressure on network and security teams is increasing exponentially and network usage is changing in unexpected ways. The attack surface has substantially increased and unscrupulous actors are trying to take advantage of this uncertainty and vulnerability.

Misdiagnosis or delayed diagnosis can seriously affect your network health! You may not realize that other Flow, SIEM, SNMP, and Packet analysis tools (even with collection scalability claims) lack retention capability which results in incorrect reporting, causing you to chase red herrings and not see the impact of high-risk traffic. They also require long heavy lifting to install, maintain and to get useful analytics and reports - if it can even be done at all!

CySight’s low-cost integrated solutions for extreme network and cyber visibility substantially speeds up mean time to remediation and reporting reducing time, effort, costs and business risk.

They encompass full automation, detailed cybersecurity anomaly detection and threat intelligence, network performance root cause analysis, and usage segmentation and peering for cost allocation of resource usage.

The complete business case for advanced granular flow-based network analytics.

The information provided in this module covers the difference between various network visibility techniques and the business case for advanced granular flow-based network analytics. We’ll also show you how to recognize what makes a flow auditing tool a positive investment that you can depend on!

Whether you are new to flow or you are looking to replace your old flow tool, the tips in this document will help to minimize your chances of getting stuck with an overpriced lemon. This paper should arm you with sufficient information to understand the strengths of CySight and deficiencies of other tools and ensure you don’t get confused by “silicon snake oil”.

As Network Intelligence and Cyber Intelligence are closely intertwined, we discuss all optional features and benefits.

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CySight is an integrated network and cyber intelligence solution. It is a network super vision solution that provides, granular on-demand and actionable intelligence, about everything traversing your network, and is unique in its ability to retain and correlate context against high granularity telemetry.

CySight analyzes, segments and learns from granular flow telemetry already supported by a typical network infrastructure in real-time. It uses historical big data for machine learning, and threat intelligence correlation to identify cyber threats and abnormal behavior and context otherwise undetectable.

Its revolutionary flow collection and automated diagnostics provide unprecedented and multi-faceted network and cyber intelligence from the network, application, data and perimeter layers with support for all flow capable devices, strengthening “defense in depth” and providing complete end to end network visibility and east-west and north-south accountability. A CySight solution will substantially accelerate incident response and reduce enterprise risk in even the most challenging and complex environments.

CySight’s ability to scale in collection, retention, and correlation goes well beyond any other flow tool in the market. The granularity benefits that are derived from our rich contextual data, coupled with a flexible toolset to analyze every aspect, allows for high definition forensics. Our cybersecurity additions turn on powerful, real-time cyber intelligence tools, that use smart baselines to identify anomalous outliers and threat intelligence correlation for ultimate visibility of nefarious communications. The confluence of analytics, detection, context, and early warning substantially speeds up Mean Time To Resolution, and eliminates network blind spots, giving you extreme visibility and control.

CySight Training module - Intelligent Anomaly Detection and AI Diagnostics

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CySight Training module - General Overview QoS and Threat Intelligence

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