Installation instructions for CySight and supported Operating Systems

Config: Getting Started

CySight OVA Installation Instructions

If you are installing using the CySight OVA please see the following topic

CySight OVA installation instructions


Direct your NetFlow/IPfix to the DigiToll CySight server on default port 2055.

Direct your sFlow to the DigiToll CySight server on default port 6343.

After installing your license key, your Flow device will be identified automatically and will be visible under the Device screen when you login.

Ports can be changed or added as required.
CySight is already the most scalable collector in the industry. From Version 8.x using more than one port with multiple devices can substantially improve performance due to additional multi-threading.
Operating System Installation Notes

If you are installing Linux please use only the supported Redhat/Centos Linux and please follow the installation instructions and tuning suggestions in Config: Linux Config and Tuning Checklist.

Client Browser Requirements

The client PC must have the following installed:

Firefox, Chrome or Internet Edge supporting SVG/HTML5.

Logging In

Enter the CySight IP in your browser’s address bar:
http://{CySight IP-address}:8080

or for an encrypted session
https://{CySight IP-address}:8443
Encrypted sessions will advise there is no certificate and will require confirmation to continue.
Please select to Continue / Proceed with the secured connection

Once the license is active the left menus will activate.
The login screen provides an option to Authenticate using the LDAP Server that has been configured by the Administrator
Login to the CySight front end.
Its good practice to change your admin user and password after installation
License Key installation

The License key can be inserted using the license management screen (Configuration -> Administration -> License) or copied into the keyblocks directory as described below.

Click "Load" then Browse to select your license key. Press "Confirm" to Insert it.

The default license provided for evaluation is our Performance license which provides an excellent mix of analytics, substantial granularity and high quality forensics and alerting that suits most environments.
If you need deeper forensics then please request a Professional license by email.
Alternatively, please copy the license key to your "keyblocks" directory and restart CySight. The keyblocks directory can be found in /DigiToll/digiTolBE/keyblocks for Windows systems and /digitoll/keyblocks/digitoll/ for Linux
A Device will be added automatically. A device cannot be added manually. As long as the exporters have been setup correctly the devices will be automatically identified.

Edit your NetFlow devices and set the SNMP community String to enable automated bandwidth and interface name discovery.

Click Configuration> Devices> Device and highlight a device in the grid, then click "Modify" to setup your device. After making your change click "Confirm" to save.

Overview, Summary and Homepages
The Overview and Homepage screens will take a few minutes to collate information before displaying data.



Getting Started Additional Notes

Installation, configuration and general usage can be found in CySight Knowledge base with latest documentation guides available on Visual Analytics, Multiviews, Forensics , IPv6 and more.