Comprehensive user manual for CySight Standard and Enterprise Editions.

IPv6: 2. IPv6 Analysis

CySight flow analyzer fully supports IPv6.

IPv6 Range is used to define Boundary Flows.

IPv6 Allocations are used to correlate business group Account and CostCentre.

IPv6 reverse dns lookups provide domain name resolution in all reports for IPv6 addresses.

IPv6 Country blocks provide country information next to IPv6 addresses in a report.

IPv6 addresses can be aggregated and can be used as criteria to aggregate AS Numbers or Application Ports in Data Collection Tuning.

IPv6 addresses can be analyzed in every way that IPv4 adresses can be analyzed such as Top Talker or Flow Conversations or used in anomaly detection thresholds or baselines.

IPv6 addresses can be filtered by inclusion or exclusion using the standard CySight analyzer algorithms such as "equal", "not equal", "between" and "not between" criteria in the report.

The interface bandwidth utilization analytics can combine both IPv4 and IPv6 traffic in a single report.

Applications and Account and CostCentre business groupings can display a combined IPv4 and IPv6 network traffic analytic.