Comprehensive user manual for CySight Standard and Enterprise Editions.

Config: Setting up Users and Roles, LDAP SSO

CySight provides 3 user group roles; Administration, Operation and Customers.

An Administration user has full privileges on all data and on all screens, no extra authorization is needed, Admin (since 6.0.0) or Administrator (before 6.0.0) is the default administration user, which can never be removed.

It is recommended that the default Admin password is changed after installation.

An Operational user is limited by the Devices he is authorized to analyze.

A Customer user is only able to generate analysis subject to the limitation of specified interfaces and/or accounts. Where Accounts correlate to preconfigured IP Allocations or AS Numbers.

All Users that will be Authorized to use CySight must be configured in each site database server and hierarchical server that the User requires access to. The User can be Authenticated with SSO using LDAP.