Configure IPFIX - Nortel ERS 5500 and 8600

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Configure IPFIX - Nortel ERS 5500 and 8600

Internet Protocol Flow Information eXport (IPFIX) that have evolved as an improvement upon the Netflow V9 protocol. It is an upcoming standard that has been proposed by an IETF Working Group - IPFIX is an effort to standardize on architecture for IP flow measurement and export. In an IPFIX model, an exporter such as a switch or router collects IP flows and then exports the IP flow information using a transport protocol to a collection server or servers. An IP flow is defined as a set of packets over a period of time that has some common properties.

Find full IPFIX Configuration for Nortel 5500 and 8600 here:

IPFIX Configuration on ERS8600:

Enabling IPFIX globally and on a port level
  • To enable or disable IPFIX globally, enter the following command.
    • ERS8610-B:5# config ip ipfix state <enable|disable>

    To enable IPFIX on a port level, enter the following command:
    • ERS8610-B:5# config ip ipfix port <slot|port> all-traffic enable
    • ERS8610-B:5# config ip ipfix port <slot|port> ?

    all-traffic <enable|disable>
    flush [export-and-flush]
    hash-key <id>
    hash-polynomial [coeffs <value>] [seed <value>]
    sampling-rate <1-100000>
Setting IPFIX timers

• ERS8610-B:5# config ip ipfix slot <slot #> ?

active-timeout <value in mins>
aging-interval <value in secs>
export-interval <value in secs>
exporter-state <enable|disable>
template-refresh [refresh-interval <value>] [packets <value>]