Templates: Overview and Concepts

CySight has many default templates that can be customized or you can create new templates to speed up access to your data.

Templates: Overview and Concepts

Definition: Template –is a predefined Report Type that provides a custom view based on specific predefined filter parameters.

A template may be used to generate an analysis on any logical data element without requiring the element to be part of the filter and is independent of time frames.

CySight has many default templates. You can customize these default templates to create templates that report specific information of interest to you.

Partial list of the templates located in “My Analytics”

All query screens, standard drilldowns, display by analysis, reports and alerts all use the templates reporting methodology however some templates are default and non-editable.

A template can be saved from a Custom Filter by clicking the "Save" option at the top of the Custom Filter screen:

  • Choose the Template report type.
  • Provide a unique title and description.
  • Choose "Both Menu" from the Menu drop down listbox to ensure the template is available from your right click menu later
  • Click "SaveNew".
  • If you are editing a template you can choose to either "SaveNew" or "SaveBack".